Samsung foldable smartphone specs gsmarena jiji amazon konga slot price

Samsung foldable smartphone specs gsmarena jiji amazon konga slot price

 The South Korean tech giants gave a review of the new Samsung foldable smartphone specs concept that folds vertically like an old flip phone, rather than horizontally like it’s recently released Galaxy Fold device.


The South Korean tech giant had put the Galaxy fold’s launch on hold for months after reviewers encountered problems with the device’s innovative folding screen, some reviewers peeled back a protective layer meant to stay on the screen, other devices flickered and turned black.

Samsung showed off the design in a video at its developer conference on Tuesday. The clip starts off with the Galaxy Fold flipping open and closing again before transitioning to a new model that shuts in half like a clamshell. This foldable smart phone by Samsung is rumoured to be the Samsung Galaxy X

It isn’t clear whether Samsung plans on releasing the device commercially. The firm said in a statement that it couldn’t comment on future products.

Samsung had planned to launch the fold in April, but pushed back the release date after early reviewers reported screen problems after just days of use.


Samsung has spent Eight years developing the Fold in an effort to spark demand and potentially revive a sector that has been struggling for new innovations. The Samsung foldable smartphone specs is going to break a lot of grounds and would usher in a new era.

It was officially released on sept 6 in South Korea and sept.18 in France, Germany and Britain, after addressing some key issues. The Samsung Galaxy X is a phone with a screen that folds together like a book.

Samsung has said that the composite polymer screen can be opened and closed 200,000 times, or 100 times a day for five years.

Also the 7.3 inches phone when folded will have a display of 4.5 inches.

Some adjustments were equally added to the phone such as adding protective caps to the top and bottom of the hinge, extending the screen protector to better ensure it stays in place and slimming down the hinge and narrowing the gap between the hinge and the body when the phone is closed.

The Galaxy Fold is slightly longer and narrower than a standard smartphone when folded but opens up to the size of a small tablet, with the internal screen display bisected by a crease. It also has another screen on the outside so it can be used when closed.

Looking at the market analysis, the mobile phone will be expected to cost around whooping 1300 to 2000 dollars or more.

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