Having a Mentor in a chosen career 

Having a Mentor in a chosen career 

Having a Mentor in a chosen career 


Mentors are people who guide, build, and model positive attitudes in another individual. A mentor is said to be more experienced in a particular field or generally in life tips. Mentors give mentees all the information, guidance, support, encouragement in exploring or setting goals to help him/her grow.

To be in the right direction, you need enthusiastic mentors who have had a proven record of helping others.

The importance of getting a mentor is that he ask you core questions about the career path you have chosen. He/she helps you share ideas, information on any opportunity that may be of importance to his mentee they help you to go beyond your limit. Mentors are coaches also. They share educational tips with you to enable you to read, research, explore more, they criticize you when the need be and still encourage you to do more.

Mentors help you to set goals daily, weekly, and monthly and make you achieve these time-bound goals.

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Mentors in your chosen career path are more like your Personal manager, they take your business, and growth as theirs so they make sure to give it their time no matter how tight their personal schedules are, they always create time for meetings, discussions, etc

Having a Mentor in a chosen career 


Choosing a mentor in your career path gives you the self-confidence that you’re on the right track because mentors encourage you for improvement. They give you that global vision of your chosen career, give you objective so as to see you on the right path always and to compete when the need arises.

Mentors help you to develop properly in your capabilities, provide accurate feedback.

Having a Mentor in a chosen career 


The acronym MENTOR

M- Manager:  A mentor manages you properly; he has a great level of influence over you, has vast experience. He will make sure all objectives are achieved for the overall benefit of the mentee. Mentors try to manage you so they can help you develop the skills needed in that chosen career path.

E-Encouragement: the most important thing a mentor can offer a mentee is encouragement, this includes giving the mentee recognition and positive feedback. The mentor compliments you on accomplishments and actions this, in turn, helps to increase your mentee’s confidence and enables them to develop.

T-Training, mentors make sure you are drilled in every aspect that is needed in your chosen path; remember their main aim is to see you win, so they give you enough books, the assignment just to see you succeed.



O-Organization- when you chose a mentor in your chosen career path, he/she will organize all your activities in the order of priority.

R-Reality: Mentors are real, they have a specific goal for you and have a good grasp of current reality, he would always be clear with the mentee, want to know about your strength and weakness about their vision, and goals in that chosen career path.

So therefore you as a mentee should look for a mentor that has these skills

  • Listening skills
  • Effective communications skills
  • Inspiring skills
  • Providing corrective feedback amongst others.

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