Maximizing your potentials During Pandemic myadvance-africa

Maximizing your potentials During Pandemic

Maximizing your potentials During Pandemic myadvance-africa

The pandemic which happened this year 2020, took everyone unawares and some people are still trying to recover from the effect of the pandemic. Many lost their business and jobs due to a lack of strategic planning on their goals for the year. The biggest hit was the count on the number of deaths which is still staggering.

It is one thing to write down your long term or short term goals without maximizing them.

Maximizing your potentials means doing more within a certain time frame; achieving results within a little period of time.

During the pandemic, many people utilized the opportunity that came with the pandemic, talk about the man who invented  the zoom app, the device for washing /cleaning the body, all these were from people who maximized their potential



One can maximize their potentials by first asking some important questions such as:

Am I deliberate with self-growth?

What skills have I got?

What effort am I putting to get the desired result I need?

How well do I manage my time?

After answering these questions, the next big question is why to maximize. This is a very important question as it helps you to give a proper approach to goals.

This question also helps you follow certain steps and helps you know the speed you need to go to get things done.

The pandemic came and recently we have news that the second wave of coronavirus is back, so this should boost your effort in maximizing your potentials and not be caught off-guard.

Below are the steps to maximizing your potentials


Maximizing your potentials During Pandemic myadvance-africaa popular adage has it that when one fails to plan, then automatically plan to fail. Planning is the most important step to take; it helps you stay on the right track, stay relevant to yourself and others. When planning, you have to set action steps and realistic goals, then pick a goal for the week, break it into mini-goals and start to tackle it.




Maximizing your potentials During Pandemic myadvance-africatime is also another factor that helps you maximize your potential, time management skills, if you really want to maximize your potentials, you must be time conscious, set time-bound goals. Take it one step at a time, don’t take it all, and end up doing nothing.



Self-encouragement: At the end of each accomplished task, praise yourself, this will motivate you to do more. Self-appraisal helps you to be energized and put you into a work mood all the time; with this, you tend to utilize your potentials fully.

Finally, make a day-to-day decision this helps you to make major decisions.

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