Apple Credit Card: How to own new Apple credit card

Apple Credit Card: How to own new Apple credit card


Smartphone and Technology giant Apple Inc. recently took the next big step in their bid to dominate the technology space by launching their very own credit card, the Apple card. The Apple card is a new kind of credit card designed primarily to be used with Apple pay on Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads and apple watch. The card works like most credit cards and can be used to make payments anywhere a MasterCard can be used with just one tap. The card, launched in August 2019.

How can I get my own Apple Card

Interested users can apply for Apple Card directly from within the wallet app on their iPhone. If the application is approved, their digital Apple Card is made available for use across all of their devices instantly. There is also an option to order a physical card for use at locations that don’t accept contactless payments. Apple has designed a titanium Apple card for this particular purpose. On delivery, users can activate the physical card by tapping their phone against an NFC tag concealed within the card’s packaging.

As well as the digital card used to make contactless payments, users will receive a 16-digit virtual card number which can be used on websites and in apps that don’t accept Apple Pay. For convenience, the details of this virtual card are made available in the user’s iCloud keychain so they can be auto-filled into online forms, rather than having to be typed in by hand. In the event that a user suspects their virtual card number has been used on a website that has been compromised, they can generate a new virtual card number from the Wallet app, invalidating the old one.

Color Coded Transactions

Security and simplicity are one of the key tenets of Apple’s philosophy and so to make your shopping simpler and more secure, Apple made transactions easier with transactions being collated and color-coded according to category (for example food and drinks, entertainment, travel and so on) The face of the digital card in the Wallet app changes color according to the amount spent at various categories of merchant, with the colors corresponding to each merchant’s category in Apple Maps.
Apple Maps is also used to provide more detailed transaction information than can be shown on a traditional credit card statement. When viewing individual transactions, users are presented with a precise map location for the merchant, along with additional information such as their logo, website and contact details where available. According to Apple, there’s never been a credit card this smart!

Apple card Requirements

To get your own Card from Apple, you must be up to 18 years of age or more and be a citizen of the US or a lawful resident.

What are the downsides to the Apple card

The only downside to the Apple card aside from the fact that you have to wait till you are 18 is that you must have an iPhone and with the fact that not most people are rich enough to afford using both an Android and an iPhone, it’s a big ask but certainly an ask worth it. the again If you happen to lose your iphone, you won’t have an easy way to pay off your Apple card bills except maybe you get a new iphone

What are the upsides to the Apple card

There are no fees attached to the use of the apple card, not even the hidden ones. Also, when you buy something using Apple Card, you get a percentage of your purchase back in Daily Cash. Not a month from now, but every day. Now isn’t that amazing?

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